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1.jpgFounded in 1995, Huanxin High-Tech is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in preservatives 

& antiseptics/bactericides and the first enterprise to mass-produce Chloroxylenol (PCMX) in China. 

Now Huanxin Possesses the most orbicular PCMX industrial chain from Acetone to Chloroxylenol 

(PCMX) & Di-Chloroxylenol (DCMX).

Huanxin High-Tech provides customers with the best high-quality chlorophenolbactericides and 

intermediates, and help customers create products in the fields of Personal Care & Cosmetics, 

Household institutional & industrial cleaning, Public HygienePharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, 

Coatings, Paints & Inks,Pigment Dyestuff, Fragrances & Flavors, etc.

Depending on the professional technology support and service experience, Huanxin High-Tech 

also offers considerate pre-sale, sale and after-sale technology service and support for the needed

companies. It supplies solutions to customers for enhancing the competitiveness of products.

Huanxin can provide customers with comprehensive solutions:

  •  Reduce costs and increase profits

  •  Improve anti-mould/ anti-bacterial effectofproducts and give products higher added value

  •  Enhance functions and improve products quality

  •  Lead technology and innovation, enhanced products competitiveness

  •  Professional production, sales group and strict quality control ensure products quality and reduce market risks

Applications (Click below photos to get more information)


Household, institutional

Disinfectant and cleansers

Bactericides for Public

and Hospital Hygiene

Cleaning products of soap,

liquid soap, Shampoo

For Industrial applications

Concrete, Leather additives


Solvents & Intermediates

for Agrochemicals

Solvents for Coatings,

Paints & Inks, Resins

Intermediates for IPDA/IPDI


Intermediates for Pigment

Fragrances & Flavors

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