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Household Institutional & Industrial Disinfectant

Huanxin High-Tech, Guard your life!

1.jpg As popular formulations of bactericides / antibacterial disinfectants and cleansers, Huanxin 

products can be used in household products for hard stuff anti-mould & anti-bacterial, public 

hygiene and industrial hygiene of manufactories/ Livestock husbandries, etc.

 We have an entire Chlorophenol series of Bactericides includes Chloroxylenol (PCMX), 

Di-Chloroxylenol (DCMX), Chlorocresol (PCMC), Triclosan (TCS) and Triclocarben (TCC) to 

meet different demands of customers.

 We can provide needed technological recommendations and support for your applications.

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Cleaning products of Personal Care -- soap, liquid soap, Shampoo

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Bactericides for Industrial applications -- Concrete, metal machining liquid, Leather additives

6.jpg 7.jpgMedium & High boiling solvents -- Insecticide, Herbicide, Coatings & Paints and Varnishes, PVDF/ PVC resins
8.jpg 9.jpgChemical and API Intermediates -- Synthesis of IPDA / IPDI, 3,5-XylenolFragrances & Flavors, Pigment