Why Huanxin
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Techniques and R&D

Technical Support  >>

 For nearly 20 years, Huanxin High-Tech supplies customers with high-quality chemicals and APIs. We working with customers to 

research and develop our production lines and techniques. We concentrate on improving existing products and developing new

ones to expand  longer industrial chain and product series;

 Huanxin professional team provides you guidance on Personal Care & Cosmetics, Household institutional & industrial cleaning, 

Public Hygiene, Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Coatings, Paints & Inks, Pigment Dyestuff, Fragrances & Flavors, etc.

Manufacturing Techniques  >>

 Possessed advanced facilities for most integrated PCMX production chain in the world;

 Pipeline reaction line which improvesproductivity and saving energy;

 DCS control system keeps Huanxin having higher efficiency and better quality of the whole process;

 Cleaning drying room and GMP grade packing room, ensure safe and high quality products of Huanxin;

 Advanced warehouse and logistic system ensure superior storage and delivery of Huanxin’s goods.


Partnerships with Research institutes and Universities  >>


 Shanghai Institute of Organic;

Chemistry AcademyShanghai Institute of Microbiology;


Shanghai Institute of Light Industry;

Zhejiang University;


 Nanjing University of Technology;

Southern Yangtze University;