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Cleaning Products Of Personal Care

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1.jpg As popular formulations bactericidal/ antimicrobial Cleaning products of Personal Care such as 

antibacterial shampoo, soap, liquid soap, etc., Huanxin products can be used in different series 

of products to meet different demands of formulations.

 We have an entire series of Chlorinated Bactericides includes Chloroxylenol, Di-Chloroxylenol 

(DCMX), Chlorocresol, Triclosan (TCS) and Triclocarben (TCC) to meet different demands.

 We can provide needed technological recommendations and support for your applications.

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Household Institutional Hospical & Industrial Hygiene -- Antibacterial disinfectants and cleansers


Bactericides for Industrial applications -- Concrete, metal machining liquid, Leather additives

 Medium & High boiling solvents -- Insecticide, Herbicide, Coatings & Paints and Varnishes, PVDF/ PVC resins
 Chemical and API Intermediates -- Synthesis of IPDA / IPDI, 3,5-XylenolFragrances & Flavors, Pigment

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