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Enterprise Introduction

Huanxin Profile >>>

A global leading manufacturer of Chlorinated chemicals in China!

Jiangsu Huanxin High-tech Materials Co. Ltd., founded in 1995, locates in the Ocean Chemicals Zone--Dafeng Harbour, which is one of China's class 1 ports for exports. We have developed substantial competencies in the areas of high-quality fine chemicals includes Solvents & Intermediates and the chlorophenol series of Bactericides. The products are widely applied to the fields of Personal Care& Cosmetics, Household & institutional cleansers, disinfectants/sanitizers, hygiene, detergent/cleanser, pharmaceuticals, healthcare industry, food, pesticide, agriculture,fragrances & flavors, etc.

 Company Scale: Registered fund: 12Million US Dollars,Plant area of 66000m2 , Employees: 250;
 First enterprise to mass-produce Chloroxylenol (PCMX) in China;

 Possess the most orbicular PCMX industrial chain from Acetone to Chloroxylenol (PCMX) & Di-Chloroxylenol (DCMX);

 Largest capacity of PCMX & DCMX in the world;
 Strategic PCMX supplier for the world's leading user --Reckitt Benckiser nearly 10 years;
 One of the key suppliers of local famous brands: Walch, Blue Moon, Libai, Xi'an Kami...
 Obtain certificate of ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System;
 REACH pre-Registration for all Huanxin products;
 Production In accordance to ICHQ7 standard;
 Clean zone of drying and packing process for PCMX / DCMX production lines;
 US DMF No. for PCMX
 Agency in MENA area

Huanxin’s Corporate Culture >>>

Kunshan Office

We are aiming to providing better service for all the clients and becoming the most outstanding antiseptic specialist in the world!

As a responsible chemical company, Huanxin is constantly pursuing environmental

protection policies, and seeking to create a green chemical industry. We are 

completely dedicated to technological innovation alongside sustainable growth and 

developing more eco-friendly, more advanced and more widespread bactericide 

industrial chains. 

Our Mission: Serve for a safer world—Better Health, Better Life. 
Our Vision: Devote to a continuous healthy development of Public Hygiene and Living Environment. 

Our Values: Quality is everything of the enterprise, Human resources drive our growth.

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