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History of Huanxin

Kunshan Huaxin >> Kunshan, Jiangsu Province

1995- Mass produce preservatives such as Parabens, Sodium Parabens, MIT/ CMIT, and Allanoin;

2003- Pilot production of Chloroxylenol ( PCMX) succeeded during “SARS” epidemic.

Huaxin Bio-Tech >> Dafeng, Jiangsu Province

2004- Mass produce PCMX series of antibacterial products;

2005- Obtain ISO 9001:2004 of Dafeng Huaxin Bio-Tech;

2010- Move to China's class 1 ports for exports- the Ocean Chemicals Zone, Dafeng Harbor;

2010- Huaxin grow from simple production line to industrial chain.

2010- REACH pre-Registration complete;

2010- Shenghua Holding Group be founded to form a comprehensive development strategy.

Huanxin High-Tech >> Chemicals Zone, Dafeng Habor, Jiangsu Province

2010- Following the group's preparations for the share restructuring of Dafeng Huaxin, 

it officially rename Jiangsu Huanxin High-tech Materials Co. Ltd.;

2011- Upgrade a Clean zone of drying and packing process for PCMX/DCMX production lines;

2012- Huanxin High-Tech obtain ISO 9001:2008;

2013- New project of Isophorone production line accomplish;

2013- Huanxin PCMX production chain grow to orbicular industrial chain, which is the first company

possess the longest industrial chain from Acetone to PCMX & DCMX globally;

2013- New project of TCC production line accomplish;

2013- Update REACH pre-Registration;

2013- Got US DMF No. of PCMX.

2013- On Dec 31, complete the share reform, Huanxin High-Tech rename to share company;

2014- On Sep 19, Huanxin be public listed at National Equities Exchange and Quotations System

(the New Third Board ) Stock short name "Huanxin Shares 焕鑫股份”, Stock Code " 831143"

2014- On Oct 17, Huanxin ring the Opening Bell in Beijing.

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